Christmas Delivery

Amazon can only deliver what we want, Christmas delivers what we need.
Therefore, no matter the package, parcel or present you are waiting on,
we invite you to join us as we welcome God’s Greatest Delivery,
the Gift of His Son Jesus, to be the saviour of the world.

Despatched: The PROMISE of Delivery Genesis 3:14-15
From the moment that God made that promise, He had one item on His to do list. He had one priority on His agenda and that was to keep The Promise to send one into the world that would take care of Satan, take care of sin, take care of sorrow and take care of suffering.

TRACKED: The PROPHECY to Delivery Isaiah 7:14, 96-97
The sign and significance of the one who was on His Way.

EXPECTED: The PREPARATION for Delivery Matt 1:18-25
How did the delivery come about and what did God need to do to get everything ready for the safe delivery of His Son.

DELIVERED: The Present in Delivery 2 Corinthians  9:15
What His gift means to us today.

Please join us in person or online via our YouTube Channel