We are people from a wide range of backgrounds who are on a journey together, learning what it means to live as followers of Jesus Christ in everyday seven days a week life for the whole of our lives. We have discovered from the Bible and from personal experience that Jesus is good news and we want to share that with others.  Find out more

Our services are taking place in the building and being streamed live.

Our main worship service is at 10.30am, and typically finishes at 12 noon. This is where we come together to worship God and experience church family. Our services include reading and teaching from the Bible, prayers, hymns and modern songs. Videos, drama sketches and dance are sometimes used to bring a bible passage or message to life and to help us put it into practice during the week.

The service is normally all age for the first 20 minutes, when the children are invited to leave for their Fire Activity Groups.

Please bear with us while we rebuild the site following a major crash!

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Jim Class Autumn 2023

Join us this Autumn for the Jim Workout Sermon Series which will help us live out a muscular, strong faith in everyday circumstances.

Watch the Series Trailer here.

Life can be difficult and complicated, full of all sorts of problems and challenges. Where do you go for the guidance to solve them? Google? A magazine problem page?
James wrote a short book in the New Testament, and he offers up some wisdom on everyday problems: how to deal with your anger, managing your mouth, cleaning up relational problems. We guarantee it’s far better advice than Google!