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Forgotten Your Password?

“Forgotten your password?” How many times have I had to click that little box in struggling to remember what gives me access to a particular site for either the support, information, or goods that I seek.

Mail from the Manse October 2021

When we are in a hurry, we don’t always appreciate the things that stand in our way forcing us to slow down. Like a motorway sign flashing out the message ‘Long queues ahead’ or a day feeling under the weather when there are deadlines to meet. Having to reduce speed for such things can be a blow to our schedule, but sometimes the Lord Himself needs to slow us down just to make sure we stay in tune and on track with Him.

Day of Prayer and Fasting Wednesday 18 November

We have called for a day of FASTING and PRAYER, click on the post for more details on why we have called for it, what we are trusting God with from it, and how best we might all go about it.
Fasting means going without food or drink, or any other pleasures to give us more time to spend fervently and faithfully on both seeking after God, for our own spiritual renewal, and asking from God that which we are truly burdened that He does something about.

Mail from The Manse -November

Dear Friends, November as we know is traditionally the month for fireworks. To see the sky lit up with colourful patterns that commemorate the explosion that did not light up parliament back in 1605 and take King James with it. Fireworks too, are synonymous with hot tempers where through frustration or annoyance perhaps, once the […]

Main from the Manse -October

As harvest dominates this season of the year, I am thinking of what one man at our twin church in Buzivka, Ukraine told me with regards to the fruitfulness of the land he was harvesting at that time.

Post from Paul – September

If I had asked you at the beginning of 2020 how you envisaged the year unfolding, my guess is your answer may have missed the mark! All of us had plans for this year which had to change due to the Covid pandemic.

Mail from the Manse – August

The Bible makes clear however that even in changing times, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Mail from Manse – May

According to the calendar Easter has already passed us by, but through Christ’s death and resurrection, Easter is to be the continual experience of those who put their trust in Him. In God’s mercy the apostle Peter says we have been given, “New birth into a living hope.” A hope that never dies because Jesus ever lives.

Mail from the Manse – April

We are not without hope in this world. We must pray that at a time when so many don’t know where to go and what to do, they will run to God and find as we all can and must, “… Salvation comes from Him.”

Post from Paul – March

Dear Friends, We are almost out of winter and into spring. As you are reading this, there will be a noticeable difference as the days gradually get longer, the flowers start to appear and there is less rain and more sun (here’s hoping, anyway!) As well as the change of season from winter to spring, […]