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Various Thoughts (May 2020)

Greetings & Many Thanks

Hi to all the fellowship, hope you have all had a lovely Easter. The weather could not have been nicer than these last few days as I write this for the May magazine. What a blessing to see the spring flowers, feel the warm sunshine and to fully appreciate all that Jesus did for us on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. What a blessing all the YouTube services have been as well. Even if we cannot be together physically, we have been united in Spirit through those talks.

I particularly wanted to thank those of the fellowship who have prayed, sent cards, telephoned, Skyped, WhatsApp’ed, and in other ways supported Pete and I on the journey of the last few months. Your efforts have encouraged us so much.

Yours in the Lord, always,

Jane R

We should never give up on the God who never gives up on us.
Simon W


One  of  my  favourite  stories  in the Bible is found in Luke 24, vs.13 – 33, the men on the road to Emmaus. In an old edition of Daily Bread, the commentator had written the following, which I feel is rather appropriate at this time of anxiety and apprehension:

“Yet, He was listening to their story at that very moment. Set out this morning knowing that Jesus lives, and that He is ready to walk with you through every happening. Confide in Him, and He will help you. Jesus is no stranger to His friends.”

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