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News from Cherkassy

This pesky virus has upended our world – and your world. We are at home together as a family, and spending so much more time together than usual! We have settled into a healthy routine, well, the parents think so anyway.

Big challenges lie ahead. Ukraine is in quarantine until at least April 24th. We’ve shut our properties, projects and businesses, and are now experimenting with keeping them going online using Zoom video conferencing. Financially, we’ve lost, at least temporarily, our key revenue streams – from eKreative and our small businesses, that allow us to run projects and pay staff. All of our team have taken at least a 50% voluntary pay cut from March, and some have sacrificed much more.

If you too are in new financial difficulties because of the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus, please do reconsider your financial support for us. Every gift now is being used to help our team get through this time of ‘survival’, but we want you to survive too!

Thank you for your amazing generosity, especially recently, as we raised about $40,000 towards the Start Academy where work continues. God knows what lies ahead, and we have no fear, just a strong determination to get through this with our team and grow God’s kingdom on this earth while we have the chance.

Thanks for your continuing support!

David & Katya and family.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Ukraine, under quarantine, no one knowing what to expect. Many not heeding warnings about social distancing, probably not understanding the nature of the problem. Pray for Ukraine’s medical professionals, trying to complete their responsibilities with a lack of basic training, facilities and medication.
  • Pray for the team of Kreativity ‘Cupbearers’ who will be making decisions this week (w.b. 26.03.2020) about how to use the funds we have collected. Pray for the right balance between supporting our team, projects and helping those who are vulnerable and less fortunate than ourselves.
  • Pray for stable finances. So many families depend on their salaries from Kreativity businesses. Pray that there will be enough for everyone to survive this challenging time. Pray that we can continue to serve and support clients who are struggling financially. Pray that we can demonstrate Jesus’ love through our actions.
  • Pray for Lyuba, our cleaner at 317 who we were able to baptise just before quarantine started. Her life is not easy at the best of times. Pray that she will be filled with the Holy Spirit who will free her from addictions and keep her focussed on Jesus. Pray for new opportunities for outreach and for new followers of Jesus.
  • Pray for our family, incredibly blessed at home together right now. Praise God that Katya seems to be recovering well from her recent dental surgery and pray that we will all remain healthy so that we can keep serving.